How to write an effective cover letter for your resume.

How to write an effective cover letter for your resume.
October 8, 2018 'Nike

The cover letter you attach to your resume in your quest to secure employment is perhaps the most critical document in your presentation. The examiners have tons of applications to scrutinise and will certainly not read through the entire CV of each entry. On the contrary, the HR personnel will peruse through the cover letter quickly and will only look at the detailed CV of the ones that catch their attention. Due to these facts, cover letters should be crafted carefully and intelligently with attention-grabbing content. Communicate your competence with confidence without going to the extreme of over-hyped assertions. Below are some facts you should consider when creating a cover letter for your resume.

The first paragraph should be captivating. Save the boring parts of your content for the last. The opening paragraph of your cover letter should be eye-popping. It should be a summary of your career and expertise and inspire the reader to want to know more about you. List out the facts that make you stand out from your peers.

Emphasise relevant experience. These days, businesses are looking for specialists and not generalists. Streamline your experiences and skills that relate to your job you are applying for and create an intriguing discourse with it.

List your professional achievements. Achievements don’t lie. Where have you worked? And what impact did you make in such places? This section is where you can impress the reader, make the prospective employee feel privileged to have you as a member of the team.

List your certifications. Certifications are vital requirements, mention the ones that are most relevant for the job. Start from the most recent. You should also take the time to add the various soft-skills that enhances your certifications. Examples of soft skills are creativity, leadership, communication skills, team player, and the likes. Think about the soft-skills that your new job position will require and add them. You can always develop the skills even if you do not have them now!

What value can you bring? D not just leave the reader to assume the value that you can carry, let your reader understand the areas where you can bring changes. At this stage, it is essential not to use an inclusive language. Do not just say, “I will add value to your team.” What are the specific values that you bring to the table? Will your presence in the company help increase sales, will you cut down overhead cost? Are you going to improve operational efficiency and reduce service downtime?

On the final note, make sure your content is grammatically accurate, bad grammar and misspellings can put off the reader on the spot. Proofread your content before the final submission. Would you like an expert content creator to write your cover letter? Check out my cover letter writing gig on Fiverr.


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