How to write an effective about us page

How to write an effective about us page
August 25, 2018 'Nike

The About us page is perhaps the most important page on your website. Most of your website visitors would want to read the content of the page before taking further actions such as contacting you or making a purchase from your site. Therefore, it is crucial to take the time to develop the content that addresses the questions in the mind of your visitors and engenders trust for your brand. Below are a few factors you should consider while writing the about us of your website.

The first paragraph is the most important

The first paragraph of a document is the most important and can determine if the reader will read through the rest of the material. Therefore, do not save your best content for the last. Start the first paragraph in an engaging manner that will keep the visitor reading. One way to achieve this is to start with the pain factor. What challenge is your ideal visitor facing? What solution is your audience seeking? Be creative and catch the reader’s attention within the first few lines.

Engender Trust

Communicating your competence can impress the reader, but without the trust factor, the visitor will not reach out to the wallet to patronize your business. Why do you think offline stores make more sales than e-commerce stores all over the world? People have trust in what they see in person. Tell your audience you are real, quote you address, and place the picture of your office or your team on the website. Once the visitor has the notion that your site is an online presence of an existing business, they become more relaxed and can relate to your business.

Communicate your objectives

Human beings are self-centered creatures, and the visitor to your website is not different from others. Therefore, you have to answer the question “what do you have to offer me” before the visitor gets bored and leaves. State the products and services that you offer and how the reader can benefit from it. What is it that makes your service superior to your competitors? All businesses have their selling point irrespective of their sizes. A small company can respond faster, give personalized attention and offer cost-efficient service due to minimal overhead, while an established business can leverage reputation and many projects that have been completed successfully.


Showcase your Expertise

The visitor to the About Us page of your website is not conversant with your business; else they won’t be looking at the page in the first instance. It is your responsibility to take the reader on a virtual tour of your business just like you would do to a real-life visitor to your office.  Showcase your capacity in machinery, your human capital, what inspires your products and services. Let the reader know that you are an expert in what you do and can cite examples of your projects and client to substantiate your claims

Use the language of your audience.

There is no hard-fast rule regarding the writing style of an About Us page. The most important factor is to use a writing style and lingo that connects with your audience. For instance, the writing style of a finance company or legal practitioner may tend to be official while a holiday resort or Spa and Massage business should be casual, fun and engaging. Your writing style should capture the mood of your reader.

Tell your Story

Your story is what makes you and your business peculiar. However, the crux of telling your story is to make it short and inspiring. State your motivations, the various milestones of your business and the new frontier you hope to reach, and most importantly, how you have helped your customers and society.

Redirect your Visitor with a Call to Action.

Do not simply say goodbye after giving your visitor a virtual tour of your company. That is the formula to lose a business lead. At the end of the content, redirect your customer to your product/ service page, ask the customer to contact you and link to your contact us page , request a free quote or free trial, download a report, or ask them to connect with you on your social media and leave the icons directly below the content,

By carefully crafting the About Us page, you can acquire business leads and generate more sales for your business.


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