How to write a professional company profile

How to write a professional company profile
January 4, 2018 'Nike

Foremost, it is important to place a distinction between your company profile and a business strategy document such as a business plan. You do not want to expose your organizational strategy to your competitors cheaply. In this respect, you should keep your business strategy documents such as market analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, revenue projection, etc., out of the company profile. An exception is when you are preparing the profile for your stakeholders, such as investors and business partners.

The Introduction

Penmedia recommends starting the company profile with a captivating introduction. The goal of the introduction is to attract the reader, so they can be motivated to read through the rest of your document. This can either be in the form of need analysis, flaunting your innovative solutions, expression of challenge in your industry, or your prowess in delivering value. Make it brief, and make it captivating.

Corporate Overview / Message from the CEO

The following chapters give a snapshot of your entire organization. It should be equally captivating as the introduction. Do not be modest about your achievements; flaunt them. Even as an industry leader, do not assume the reader already knows your achievement, mention important milestones and the roadmap to consolidate your market leadership in reaching a new frontier. A new company may not have much to write regarding achievements, but you can highlight what is lacking in the industry and how your organization will revolutionize service offering in the industry. Be affirmative and professional in your choice of words.

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Corporate Value Propositions.

  • These headings are often confused with one another, I will briefly define:
  • Vision: What your organization is set to achieve in the future;
  • Mission Statement: A synopsis of what your organization has to offer;
  • Objectives: Set of activities that will help in achieving your mission;
  • Corporate Value Proposition: What are the virtues of your organization?

Unique Selling Proposition

This USP of your organization is one of the key places where you outright sell your organization to your prospects; it is essential. It should consist of the factors that set your organization apart from your competitors. Make it brief and specific; if possible, make a Twitter-like explanation for each USP.

Partnerships, Alliances and Certifications

Organizations that have little experience can leverage alliances with established organizations to promote their products or services. Mention the accreditations and certifications that your organization holds. This aspect is valuable for technology companies because if affirms technical competence in the areas of their specializations.

Services and Products

Make a brief explanation of the services that your organization offers, if you have products, write the description of the products; it will be great to add professional images of the products. It is also important to make a distinction between your service/products and those of your competitors by emphasizing the merits of your products and services.

Organizational Capacity

This section may not apply to all organizations; for certain industries, it is important to mention the equipment that your company owns or have access to, your production capacity, financial backing, and staff strength. This section sells your organizations ability to deliver on demanding projects.

Completed Projects / Client Lists

Your reader will like to know that you have completed similar projects. Make an exhaustive list of the projects you have completed and the clients with whom you have worked. This part of the profile can be a challenge for startups, but a startup can leverage the experience of the personnel by referring to the project accomplishments of key personnel of the organization.

The call to Action

Leave your contact details and give the reader a specific call to action. The call to action can be more effective if your company has freebies to give away. The freebie may be product brochures, samples, free consultations, etc.

On the last note and most importantly, your content should be written professionally, professional balance content with readability and ensure that your content is free from typos and grammatical errors which portray your organization as unprofessional. A professionally written company profile should achieve the goal of converting the reader to a customer. Do you want to create a professional company profile or upgrade an existing one? Check out my company profile creation gig on Fiverr.


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